Vojtěch Rychnovský

a web developer and entrepreneur, obsessed with creating pixel perfect  digital products.

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Est. 2022

Web3 Studio

Artiffine is a creative studio building NFT projects from concept development and consultation to custom smart contracts to web design, legal agenda, and content creation.

The team

15+ experienced developers, accomplished Web3 consultants, legal heavyweights, communications masterminds, UX/UI experts

Full-stack Web3 services

Artiffine provides a complete suite of technological and legal features - custom NFT marketplaces development, NFT Licensing and IP legal services, marketing support and Web3 consultancy. We help businesses better understand potential of Web3 and fully utilize it!

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Est. 2022

Finding the crypto index (aka ETF) with a reasonable performance/risk ratio can be a challenging task. That`s why we built Indices.fi - a platform providing complete data about crypto indices. We gadher data from either on-chain and off-chain sources, investigate governance and methodology behind each index and calculate important analytics and statistical metrics.

Crypto indexes

Crypto index is a single token that represents a bucket of crypto tokens. The value of index is backed by these underling assets, and they are tradable on either decentralized and centralized exchanges. Their popularity is rapidly growing, as they represent an easy way for investors to diversify their investments into various categories of crypto tokens.

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Pingl.app renders



Est. 2019

I am co-founder of Pingl.app - a platform helping restaurants and bars to offer modern services and to upsell their products by letting customers order through their phones.

Thanks to Pingl, gastro business customers can order and pay without waiting, whether they want to order a takeaway for a certain time or they are already sitting at a restaurant table.

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NFT Minting Site

Smart Contract & Web3 development

NFT Minting Site

Project Launch: 2021
Smart ContractEthereum Solidity OpenZeppelin Hardhat
FrontendReact.js Web3 Metamask DevOps

I steped into the blockchain world throught an NFT project which has sold all the tokens in just 5 minutes. In a small team, I was responsible for both creative thinking during the project planning and for the development process. Due to the nature of this project, I cannot share its name.

NFT Smart Contract

I have developed a NFT Smart Contract (ERC-721) in Solidity language. The contract is tested using Harthat framework and deployed on Ethereum mainnet. I have created a CLI interface to deploy the contract and to interact with it. Thanks to this, the team was able to deploy new testing smart contracts in any phase of the development.


We have built a React.js website with web3 capabilities. There was a huge emhasis on user experience during wallet connection and token minting process.

GifMeMore gridGifMeMore detailGifMeMore Success Download

Technical Solution (MVP)


UX / UI Design
Serverless BackendExpress.js Firebase

GifMeMore offers an unique 3D animated photography for corporate and social events. They reached to me to build a MVP.


For these types of events, it is normal to wait for a few days until the visitors will receive their pictures in a digital format. GifMeMore brings completely different approach — they replace boring static images with stunning animated gifs that are available in real time on visitors phones.

Technical Solution

I have developed a web app for showcasting the gifs in the realtime during the events. The gifs are synced from Windows PC through Firebase serverless functions to the web app.

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I have 10+ years of experience in building meaningful digital products.


Co-Founder, CTO


Frontend Lead



Microsoft STC

STC Graduate



The Netw.org


During my career, I have been working mostly as a freelancer on projects for various clients and I have been hired by digital agencies.

As a freelancer, I help businesses grow in the online era by creating a strong online presence and boosting ecommmerce profits.

Family Market
Nusle Beans
TMK Tailor
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Garden Service
Kubišta Transport
Hypoteční Specialisté

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